The growing role of enforcement agencies and the wide reach of modern media mean that your business is now under more scrutiny than ever before. Are you keeping on top of your bribery, corruption, financial crime and ethical conduct risks?

Along with the UK Bribery Act 2010 and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), there is country-specific legislation that your business needs to comply with. You might also be required to establish risk-based procedures in your business.

With expanded budgets and more personnel, enforcement teams can investigate more cases. If found in violation of Anti-Bribery and Corruption policies, your business might have to pay significant fines, or you may even face criminal prosecution.

Now, companies need to do the right thing, not just to comply with regulations but also to maintain public trust. In an ever more accessible and transparent world, committing to compliance can set your business apart.

Regulators expect you to proactively update your compliance framework, even if no issues arise. Businesses must demonstrate that they have processes in place to identify and prevent emerging risks.

To navigate increasingly complex global regulations, we can help. We advise multinational companies across sectors using the latest technology on concerns associated with bribery, corruption and business conduct. Along with helping you comply with mandatory regulations, our experts can ensure that your compliance framework is effective, robust and fit-for-purpose, before any issues arise.

Our anti-bribery and corruption services

Our experts can help you understand and reduce risk based on your overall profile. Here are some areas we can assist you in:

Independent reviews and maturity assessments

We use the KPMG Compliance Assessment Framework to take an in-depth look at all aspects of your compliance programme. We can help enhance existing processes by identifying relevant gaps and opportunities. Our experts take into account regulatory guidance, recent enforcement actions, trends and the risk profile for your organisation.

Data analytics-driven compliance reviews

We use data to calculate risk for your business and execute compliance assessments. This is useful in several scenarios — following enforcement actions, preparing for an independent compliance monitor as well as on a proactive basis. This approach enables us to find out the effectiveness of key controls, identify red flags and recommend areas for improvement.

Third-party audits

We can support you to ensure your business practices are compliant with relevant laws and regulations. Our experts take a thorough look at appropriate controls and procedures in place to reduce risk. We can work with you through all stages of a third-party review programme.

Risk assessments

There are inherent risks for your business in operating globally. We can review those, along with the controls you have in place. 

Pre and post-acquisition due diligence

Acquiring a company can put your business at additional risk. We can assess target companies and help you understand the bribery and corruption risk from an acquisition.

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