Entering into new markets, territories or partnerships can be tricky for organisations to navigate. At KPMG, we find hard-to-access information and gather critical intelligence to help you manage reputational and regulatory risks as you enter unfamiliar markets, explore new business relationships, or need expert support on investigations and disputes.

Our team of multilingual specialists come from a range of professional backgrounds including political risk, investigative journalism, public policy and academia. Also, they have lived and worked in numerous countries, giving us a strong understanding of local political and business environments.

Our services

Enhanced and integrity due diligence

Thorough investigation into the background, track record and connections of counterparties and prospective partners. Identifying and mitigating reputational and regulatory risks, with focus on financial crime and ESG issues

Market intelligence and country risk

Helping clients operate in new or unfamiliar jurisdictions, undertaking country risk assessments on the local political, regulatory or operating environment

Asset tracing, source of wealth and litigation support

Identifying and analysing multijurisdictional public information, evidence and intelligence to find assets, map networks and connections, trace sources of funding, and spot new lines of investigation

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