Your talent pipeline

Having the right executive team in place
is only the start – as important is ensuring
the pipeline of talent required to support
and ultimately replace them

Tackling the gender seniority gap

The data shows that most professions do not have a problem attracting women at graduate level, and yet they are vastly underrepresented at senior managerial level in almost all industries. This report from the ABI explores factors including the 'motherhood penalty'.

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Diversity for the non executive

What is the non executive's role in driving diversity? John Amaechi, CEO of APS Ltd, discusses and shares his valuable perspectives

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The role of the CFO on the board

Fundamental to the UK corporate governance framework is the unitary board model – where executive and non-executive directors have the same duties and responsibilities. Are you leveraging the talent in your ranks?

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Hampton-Alexander Review

Is women’s progression improving in leadership positions and on boards in the FTSE350? The final report from the Hampton-Alexander Review examines the journey to the voluntary targets.

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