Making time for strategy and risk

Boards need a deep understanding of the
context in which the company operates,
and as technology, innovation, and other
forces continue to disrupt business models,
this means staying close to strategy

Making time for strategy

As increasingly complex and disruptive business conditions demand it, and investors and other stakeholders expect it, do you have the ‘right’ level of engagement with the company's strategy?

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Facilitiating the board’s engagement in strategy

It’s widely agreed that the board leadership should harness the skills and experience of each director such that the value of the whole board exceeds the value of the individual members. Our research presents some practical techniques and approaches that senior board members can apply to build an effective board.

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Independent judgement

Independent judgement is a core requisite for both executive and non-executive directors. But what does it mean in practice and how can directors assure themselves and others that the processes they adopt are appropriate?

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Calibrating strategy and risk

While many boards are clearly stepping up their game—considering strategic alternatives and monitoring execution, improving risk-related information, reassessing risk oversight responsibilities, and more — this global research suggests significant challenges remain, including linking strategy and risk, and addressing growing cyber security risks.

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