Geopolitics – strategy and risk

Increasing nationalism, cyber attacks on
critical infrastructure, and the threat of military
conflict, combined with an absence of global
leadership and international governance,
continue to drive global volatility and uncertainty

Geopolitical Face-Offs

Humans seek certainty from uncertainty by imposing patterns over ambiguous situations. KPMG and Eurasia Group have joined forces to explore how macro forces – economic, technological, environmental, political - are interacting with a widening gap in societal values, ideologies and perceptions of equality.

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Eurasia group's top risks

Eurasia Group provide their annual forecast of the political risks that are most likely to play out over the course of 2022.

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Strategy: Where to play and how to win

A well-planned strategy is essential in navigating the complex, challenging and dynamic environment in which boards find themselves. It determines how and where to compete, guides investment and resources, and enables a clear focus on day-to-day activities by providing answers to questions on: ambition ‘what is our purpose and what do we aim for” business model (where to play) and operating model (how to win).

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The confluence of geopolitical risk and ESG issues

Derek Leatherdale, Managing Director of GRI Strategies, discusses the recently released joint Risk Coalition / GRI Strategies principles-based guidance for Geopolitical risk oversight and its integration with ESG issues for boards, risk committees and risk functions.

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