Executive pay policies

Despite increased transparency in the
UK executive pay framework, the voice of
challenge remains strong when executive
pay appears disconnected from long-term
corporate performance

KPMG’s Guide to Directors’ Remuneration

As the debate around executive remuneration gains momentum, are you clear on your policy? Read our guide to learn more about how FTSE 350 companies set theirs

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Letter from a remuneration committee chair

Tomorrow's Company present good governance as a cornerstone of good business – in 'letters to a new chair' they address topics from the organisations purpose and character, to key relationships to work on and exercising the right tone from the top

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COVID-19 – Leadership in executive pay

Boards must show leadership and empathy as they navigate the crisis. When dealing with executive pay in particular, failure to lead will have a serious long term impact on corporate reputation and trust.

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On the 2024 remuneration committee agenda

Executive compensation has been under intense scrutiny over the past two years, as well as shareholder and investor revolts, which is unlikely to lessen in a post-pandemic world. We highlight considerations for remuneration committees as they examine their policies and decisions with the continued focus on restraint and impact of pay on the wider workforce.

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