Driving culture from the top

Given the critical role that corporate culture
plays in driving a company’s performance
and reputation, boards must take a proactive
approach to understanding, shaping, and
assessing their own

Refocusing on culture and employee engagement

The prolonged strains on companies and their employees from the impact of COVID-19 on how and where people work, and ongoing social unrest, have put even the sturdiest of corporate cultures to the test. How are you monitoring culture and employee engagement in the new reality?

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Innovating the Board

In an interview with the KPMG Board Leadership Centre (BLC), author, economist and veteran board director Dambisa Moya discussed the opportunities and challenges facing boards as they adapt to meet the increasing demands of stakeholders, regulators, and the public.

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Boardroom dysfunctions

Six boardroom dysfunctions every board should guard against: lack of independence from management; missing key voices; cultural amplification; diffusion of responsibility, rule-bound cultures; and groupthink.

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Driving culture from the top

As unprecedented volatility and uncertainty impact every aspect of the business environment is your company culture a help or a hindrence? KPMG’s ACI asked directors from around the world to share their perpectives on the board’s role in culture.

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