Crisis response

Crisis management readiness goes
hand-in-hand with good risk management
– companies that respond quickly and
effectively will weather crises better

The role of culture in crisis prevention

After a crisis we will always hear: “Where was the board? Could it have done more?” The right culture is as much about listening to employees as speaking to them – are you close enough?

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Energy supply chain resilience

As we head into the colder months, energy supply chain resilience will become an increasingly important topic for many businesses and their customers. Here we set out 10 areas for boards to consider.

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Board oversight amid economic volatility

Greater geopolitical instability and surging inflation have been added to the macroeconomic factors that corporate leaders must account for when making business decisions. Moreover, interest rates are increasing, and supply chains continue to be stressed. Read our summary of some of the areas in which directors should be prepared to probe in the coming months.

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Ukraine conflict

As the Russian-Ukraine conflict unfolds, companies have had to move quickly to ensure the safety of their workers while girding themselves for the economic impacts and operational disruption to come. Recognising that the implications for companies will vary by sector and geographic reach, this paper looks at a number of the key issues for boards to address.

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