The effects of COVID-19 forced aerospace and defence industry leaders to quickly tackle multiple business issues including supply chain disruption, cashflow, shape of the workforce, production shut down and re-start. Responding to the pandemic and countering the sudden financial impact is inevitably leading to large scale restructuring in the industry.  In this new reality, organisations need to reposition themselves and accelerate digital transformation to remain competitive.

We understand you have new challenges with no clear answers. That’s where our deep sector knowledge and expertise in a wide range of capabilities comes in. We can help you make your business resilient. We can also help identify and capitalise on new opportunities including; the push towards onshoring of critical national infrastructure and increased scope for private equity investment. In this dynamic scenario, we help our numerous clients across the UK public and private sector with; digital transformation, cashflow and workforce management, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain management or re-alignment, re-onshoring and private investment guidance.

Increasingly, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and implementing new technologies across client production lines and control systems is at the heart of our solutions. With our expertise, businesses can be in a better position to weather the current crises but also be prepared for the future.

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