The UK automotive sector is facing some of the biggest challenges in its history in responding to COVID-19 and repositioning for Brexit implications. The automotive sector’s interdependence between UK manufacturers and EU partners also leaves many questions unsolved. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have seen supply chains grounded, highlighting their vulnerability and reliance on non-UK territories. Cashflow and ever-present sustainability pressures have also been heightened. In addition, reduced customer confidence is impacting the sale of new cars. Dealerships are looking at digital solutions to combat this and there will be further disruption in the market from digital first retailers and new virtual car buying experiences.

The KPMG Automotive team supports over 120 UK and international clients, from manufacturers to dealerships. We can help you with pressing issues such as cashflow, private equity, workforce management, mergers & acquisitions, re-onshoring and rationalisation. Our digital expertise can help you integrate and accelerate your digital capabilities and understand how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can support your future business.

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