Health workers are a sector's most valuable asset, yet a recent survey found one of the top three issues keeping healthcare leaders up at night was the ability to meet demand, the impact of new operating models upon staff and supporting employee wellness.

In light of this, our podcast series lifts the lid on the most challenging issue facing the healthcare sector today that is workforce. By talking to senior health and care leaders, we tap into the personal experiences from within the industry to delve deeper into the current approaches to workforce planning, training and development and future realities of healthcare.

We help healthcare organisations to understand how through an ecosystem of approaches and focussing on the human element in healthcare we can empower, enable and engage the workforce to deliver better citizen-centric services.

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Ep. 9. Workforce planning

With the growing workforce challenge across the health and care sector, it is key to understand the power data can have in enabling healthcare leaders to make the right informed decision when designing the recruitment and retention plans. In this episode, we will be taking all this into consideration and will explore how to best plan for the workforce of the future, through using data to understand the wants and needs of the employee, whilst aligning to the broader NHS objectives.

1 September 2023, Listen now


Ep. 8. The future of HR in healthcare

In recent years, the workforce crisis has become perhaps one of the biggest challenges that the NHS has ever faced. Although technology is changing healthcare, it is and will remain, a people-driven business. In this episode we are joined by Terry Roberts, Chief People Officer at Oxford University Hospitals, who is here to share his insight on the biggest priorities for the NHS and what trends he sees in the future that will have the biggest impact when it comes to workforce planning.

2 August 2023, Listen now


Ep. 7. New ways of working

We are joined by Karen Middleton, Chief Executive at Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, who is sharing her experience on what she has seen and done in the sector to support elective recovery backlogs and how to use learning to address workforce challenges. Karen will also share her insights on what she views the role of system working to be now and in the future, and what she sees the profession evolving to find solutions for long waits and meeting targets.

3 July 2023, Listen now


Ep. 6. Financial sustainability

Financial pressures around funding and cost optimisation is high on the agenda for healthcare leaders. Facing up to all this has placed an incredible strain on healthcare systems such as the NHS. It has also put senior leaders under immense pressure to act decisively and promptly. In this episode we are joined by Mark Hackett, CEO at Swansea Bay Health Board, who shared his insight on the short and long term levers that can be pulled to help meet the financial needs of healthcare organisations.

1 June 2023, Listen now

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Ep. 5. Meeting expectations

Succession planning and focussing on the longer term objective is key to managing workforce expectation and ensuring lasting change that is impactful and most effective. This episode focuses on what is key on the agenda for healthcare professionals now and in the future. We were joined by Louise Clark, Director of Workforce at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Louise shared her experience of culture and change management, and the drivers of continual change.

2 May 2023, Listen now

Tanya Carter

Ep.4. Empower, engage and enable the employee

Our recent citizen experience research report for healthcare showed that workforce empowerment, using digital as an enable is key to driving great experience. Retaining staff, and equipping them for the skills needed for the future is a strategic priority for the health and care sector in order to future proof the organisation and deliver the experience patients deserve. In this episode we will focus on the future of HR, and how through leadership healthcare organisations can cultivate a culture of learning and development which can empower, enable and engage the workforce for better retention. We were joined by Tanya Carter, Chief People Officer at NHS Foundation Trust, who shared her experience on how she has built confidence in the workforce to make better and informed decisions and equip them with the skills needed for the future.

3 April 2023, Listen now

Healthcare podcast episode 3

Ep.3. Connected workforce for patient-centric services

With digitalisation transforming the way we interact with the world, in this episode we will be looking at how we put people, this includes patients and the workforce, at the heart of the digital strategy to improve patient services and outcomes. We are joined by Caroline Anderson, Chief People Officer at Great Ormond Street Hospital, who shares her experience on what she has seen and done in the sector to attract a global workforce. Caroline also shares her insights on how digital solutions may be the answer to align HR strategy to broader organisational objectives.

1 March 2023, Listen now

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Ep.2. Hiring and securing your talent

In this episode we are joined by Elizabeth Nyawade, Chief People Officer at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, who shared her experience on how health and care providers can give time back to hiring managers and deliver an onboarding experience for new joiners that is efficient and seamless. We will be looking at the very start of the workforce journey by focussing on recruitment systems. We will also be exploring the retention pressures and what can be done to help secure the talent heath and care organisations need now and for the future to service their patients.

1 February 2023, Listen now


Ep.1. Driving purpose with your people 

In this episode, we are joined by Raffaela Goodby, Chief People Officer at Birmingham Women’s & Children’s Trust, who shared her experience on how we can drive purpose through our people by nurturing a culture of learning and talent management. In this episode, we looked at the progress made towards creating a culture of learning and securing a positive onboarding experience in healthcare.

5 January 2023, Listen now