We believe that learning is how a customer’s strategy will get delivered. It has a wide role to play in supporting transformation projects, developing leadership capability at all levels, and improving personal effectiveness. In addition, learning is how staff get upskilled in functional roles so that put simply, they do their jobs better.

As leaders in digital learning and strategy, we can help you understand where your learning and development (L&D) program is today and what is needed to move it forward. We take a highly collaborative approach to co-creating guiding principles – as well as a future-state vision, plus programs and content that best meet your organisation and workforce where they are today. We will help you build a roadmap for challenge – a steady evolution toward a culture of lifelong learning and upskilling – regardless of where you are on the journey. Using analytics-backed insights, we will co-design a strategy that will take your organisation’s workforce into the future of work.

Our difference

Since 2013, we have delivered over 4 million hours of learning to the public sector. We are the second largest learning provider in Europe, with over 2,000 modules of learning and having supported 4,500+ participants with their leadership development journey, with over 1,200 graduates with a NHS Leadership Academy award in Executive Healthcare Leadership.

How KPMG can help

NHS Leadership Academy

The Bevan programme, with its multi-award winning design, has been supporting senior leaders in their leadership development since 2013. We are leading a consortium approach through design, development, and delivery of the 12-month blended learning programme.


We have developed a 2,000 module curriculum of learning available to the public sector. Wrapped around it is a managed service that clients can take advantage of with a full UK service and delivery infrastructure. We take a holistic view of learning, and building content based around outcomes.


Often including leadership and transformational challenges, we support our clients who need strategic support with some of the trickiest organisational issues. Our learning consultants have a vast range of skills and experience, and take a comprehensive approach to learning as an enabler of talent, skills, EVP, and strategic workforce transformation.

Major Bids

No bids are the same, as no organisations are the same. Our major bid capability allows us to support the design of bespoke learning systems and architectures, often including a number of partners and a large user group on a national basis. 

Our experts