An end-to-end learning infrastructure

The government’s 10-year vision, laid out in its adult social care reform white paper published in 2021, sees an evolution towards personalised care that promotes greater independence. It wants to give people choice and control over the type of care they receive and aims to ensure that care is both accessible and fair.

This long-term plan means accelerating the adoption of technology in the sector. It means better joining up health and care services. And it means addressing variations in the quality of care.

Crucially, delivering on these changes also means empowering and enabling the adult social care workforce. At present, it’s hard to identify one coherent professional identity, and training is not always properly accredited or recognised. Unless we address this, we can’t turn the vision into reality.

Our report delves into the issues the adult social care sector is facing and how establishing a learning solution that puts people at the heart of care can address those challenges. We deep dive into how the ideal learning solution can be achieved through a managed infrastructure.

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