Bridget Beals

Partner, Co-Head of Climate Risk and Decarbonisation Strategy

KPMG in the UK

Bridget leads our Climate Risk and Decarbonisation Strategy team helping clients understand the physical and transition risks that they will face under various climate change scenarios, the impact of these risks on their operations and the strategy they need to put in place to mitigate these risks as well as to take advantage of any opportunities arising. Bridget has over 12 years’ experience in climate change and decarbonisation, spanning a variety of private and public sector roles including banking, Government advisory and strategic consulting. 

Her experience across the agenda, including assessing climate risk, working in the global carbon markets (both compliance and voluntary) and advising on renewable energy and energy efficiency investments, combine to enable a holistic view of how climate change can deliver risk and opportunities in the transition to a low carbon economy. 

Since joining KPMG she has worked with all major renewable developers, oil majors, a variety of FTSE 250 companies outside the energy sector and a wide range of inward investors assisting them to understand the climate change and decarbonisation landscape. 

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Otago

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Otago

  • Climate risk

  • Renewable energy

  • Carbon markets

  • Clean Energy

  • Energy Policy