Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have created multiple challenges for the UK industrial products market.  After restarting production and ensuring workforce sustainability, the focus turns to onshoring of critical national infrastructure, consolidation, and increased scope for private equity investment in the sector - especially from new markets which may see the UK as an appealing outlet post Brexit.

The KPMG Industrial Products team works across the industry. We offer large-scale support to over 300 clients in manufacturing, heavy industry, packaging, engineering and holding companies, including UK Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and international inbounds. We can help you with cashflow and workforce management, Mergers & Acquisitions, re-onshoring, rationalisation and supply chain support. Digital transformation drives us, and our experts can work with you to ensure effective integration of digital, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning across your business.  Accelerating these trends is vital for future competitiveness.

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