Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is a form of business process automation based on “robots”, pre-defined apps and programs and following general commands to provide automated services.

The advantage that differentiates RPA from other systems and process automation tools is that RPA offers a user interface to manipulate or interact with resource data.

KPMG Ukraine's SAP and IT consulting practice experts can help your business to implement RPA technology and optimise your workflows, making your organisation more profitable, flexible, and responsive. In turn, businesses see significant increases in employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity when day-to-day tasks are automated; giving employees more time to focus on more challenging and creative tasks.


UiPath implements RPA technology functionality via a studio for developing solutions and agent software "robots”.

Using a central management tool called Orchestrator, processes can be deployed, monitored, and managed remotely. Orchestrator provides monitoring and business process management solutions automated through UiPath’s Solutions Studio.

RPA implementation cases:


  • Reconciling invoices against payments
  • Bank statement allocation
  • Checking intra-group transfers
  • Incoming invoice allocation

Document Flow

  • Contract terms compliance control
  • Managing mail and attachments (NLP)
  • Reading scanned documents and entering data into ERP systems


  • Automatic collection and analysis of market prices
  • Automatic request processing (applications)
  • Request status update (applications) processing
  • Price offer forwarding

External Systems

  • Proposal registration
  • Request processing and creation for government agencies
  • Automatic reconciliation of data with tax authorities


  • Unused vacation notifications
  • Reports on hired and dismissed employees
  • Automated CV search by platform
  • Vacancy posting on search engines


  • Supplier requests
  • Verify and validate supplier documents
  • Delivery terms compliance control
  • Delivery notes registration invoice generation