The world of customer relationship management (CRM) has changed, and so have CRM systems. What was once a system of records with disparate data sets has become a single, unified ecosystem of customer views. Today, innovative organisations are bringing together their marketing, sales, risk management, compliance, and IT functions to create a single, clear view of the customer lifecycle.

So how can businesses benefit from CRM? Some organizations make the mistake of keeping their data siloed which results in customer analysis that is confusing, fragmented, and out of context. Different functions in an organisation may not be able to use data from an isolated CRM system due to a lack of clear business goals. Meanwhile, some organisations are simply not confident in the power of CRM and miss out on using tools that are vital to business success.

KPMG Ukraine's SAP and IT advisory service practice experts help clients to implement SAP Customer Experience CRM systems and effectively manage customer relationships through business process automation.

SAP Customer Experience

SAP Customer Experience is an overall customer experience solution that combines customer data, machine learning, and microservices to improve real-time customer interaction in sales, services, marketing, commerce, and more.

SAP CX is designed to automate Lead-to-Cash processes: from first communication with a customer to sales and then after-sales services.

The SAP Customer Experience solution portfolio includes the following products:

SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud serves the needs of a company's sales department. This solution uses artificial intelligence to forecast and collect other data and reporting, providing employees with a 360-degree view of customers, ensuring that no one gets lost during the sales process.

Client Requests: CRM implementation. Sales process automation. Mobile applications for sales agents. B2B sales.

SAP Service Cloud

Focuses on handling the many and varied service requests a customer may have. Whether that means a nightly Facebook message or a personal chat during call centre business hours, SAP Service Cloud can help teams to provide smooth and consistent service to customers seeking help.

Client Requests: Customer inquiry process automation. Contact centre automation. Ticket management. Repair teams.

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Focuses on the transparent collection, storage, and protection of customer information. SAP Customer Data Cloud helps provide businesses with ways to securely collect requested information by filling out a form, allowing customers to control their data in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Client Requests: Collection and storage of customer personal data. GDPR-compliant solutions.

SAP Marketing Solutions

Focuses on business activities aimed at income generation and customer retention. This solution considers data from all marketing activities and evaluates the impact of each activity. With this data, companies can make informed decisions about how to communicate with customers.

Client Requests: Marketing campaign automation. Customer base segmentation. Communication with customers.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Focuses on product content and experience management, personalisation, and order management. This solution provides users with out-of-the-box features to create and maintain an e-commerce presence.

Client Requests: E-commerce development. Marketplace functionality.

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