Low Code offers an approach for software development using visual programming, speeding up product design and delivery phases.

Low Code is a tool designed to innovate and respond to business demands and opportunities with unprecedented speed. By using Low Code, companies can create customised solutions to quickly and easily fill process gaps in their technology ecosystems, often by combining, enhancing, and presenting otherwise fragmented data from discrete systems.

Low Code solutions increase the efficiency of your IT department, facilitate collaboration between business teams, and leverage domain expertise. To take advantage of these benefits, however, you need do things right so as to issues with security, reliability, or performance. You’ll need the right combination of technical and industry knowledge, and this is exactly where KPMG in Ukraine SAP and IT Advisory Services’ experts can support you in implementing Low Code tools.


OutSystems is a tool for creating a cross-platform product for smartphones or web applications, including visual and server-side logic using visual modelling and elements of classical programming.

Key business requests


Creating software products that support cross-platform by default.

Low Code enables desktop and mobile device users to get the same functionality regardless of the device they use, avoiding wasted time creating multiple versions of the same application.

Low Code development reduces the software development life cycle, helping companies to address market or business changes faster than with traditional coding.

Integrate and configure external applications with no need for additional code.

Built-in representational state transfer (REST) and simple object access protocol (SOAP) integration help generate any method and data structure for integration with external systems.

Ready-made components for integrating cloud services.

Low Code solutions are easy to maintain, involving a lower total cost of ownership compared to solutions designed in a traditional way.

According to KPMG estimates and external research, the total cost of ownership of a Low Code solution over a five-year period is on average 40% lower than that of a traditional solution.

Studies show that the OutSystems Low Code platform payback period can be less than six months and provides a 506% return on investment within three years.

Full development cycle

Business intelligence

  • Interviews with business users
  • Technical problem statement creation
  • Solution infrastructures description based on customer requirements


  • Reference sessions, customer preference identification
  • Creation of several versions of a test clickable mockup
  • Design detailed based on customer requirements

Flexible implementation

  • Solution infrastructure deployment
  • Development based on Agile, with sprint demos for clients and end users

Infrastructure and support

  • Test map version preparation
  • Production infrastructure deployment
  • Client-side system administrator training


Sofy is a software-as-a-service platform that offers companies ready-to-use data analytics solutions. Sofy solutions are designed with the aid of KPMG's expertise in industry practices that address specific business challenges, both in terms of efficiency and compliance.

Governance, risk and compliance

  • Internal audit analytics
  • Policies and regulations
  • Ongoing control monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Control management
  • Access rights management

Data management

  • Contract term control
  • Emails and attachment management (NLP)
  • Scanned document reading and data entry into ERP systems

Tax management

  • Transfer pricing
  • Customs management
  • VAT compliance
  • VAT analytics

Strategy and operational performance

  • Process Insights
  • Transformation manager
  • Cost analytics

Financial management

  • Manual Journal Entry
  • IFRS16

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