People are any organisation’s most important asset and are at the heart of the success of their projects and activities. However, staff efficiency relies on the set of tools provided by the company, such as solutions for automating routine work and evaluating staff performance.

In providing SAP and IT implementation advisory services, the KPMG team will help your company align its IT capabilities with its strategic and operational goals.

Today, there are many cutting-edge technologies that can help companies dramatically improve the efficiency of their workforce. These solutions can be implemented quickly, address and automate all HR processes, and integrate easily with other software products.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based system that covers all HR processes for any organisation; from hiring, onboarding, goal setting and performance evaluation, to training and development management.



The Recruiting module is designed to ensure a continuous process of searching, attracting, and hiring candidates through a single point of recruitment, integrated with recruitment sites and a company’s own corporate portal.


The Onboarding module enables you to take an individual approach to new employees, helping to speed up the onboarding process and motivating employees to work efficiently from day one.

Employee Central

The Employee Central module automates key processes for collection, storage, and administration of personnel data.

Performance & Goals

The Performance & Goals module automates the staff assessment and goal-setting process, tracks and manages employee performance, and helps align employee activities with organisational strategy.

Succession & Development

The Succession & Development module enables HR professionals to identify and develop the talent needed to strengthen your company and achieve your current goals, as well as develop plans for future growth.

Learning management system

The Learning module is a modern learning management system designed to automate staff training.

Compensation Management

The Compensation Management module is designed to manage recurrent and one-time rewards, budgeting and modelling of rewards, and determine the impact of rewards on performance.

Workforce Analytics

The Workforce Analytics module generates reports and summary tables, comparing data in any analytical context. It also provides tools for developing custom reports based on any data.

Core client requests:

  • Automated full cycle of goal setting and personnel evaluation with full 360 degree scope
  • Ability to keep personnel records and all HR processes in one place
  • Functionality to provide ongoing performance feedback between employee and manager
  • A single point of access for recruiting all candidates, including automation and customisation of the recruitment process, and integration with external sites and the corporate website
  • Potential to create a talent pool for various positions in an organisation
  • Onboarding functionality, including options for attaching necessary corporate documents for employees to review
  • Automate employee training processes across the course of an assignment, send automatic notifications to training process participants, with gamification and mobile application functionality
  • Built-in reporting
  • Individual development plans
  • Built-in library of competencies with the potential to upload your own library to the system

SAP HCM Modules

SAP HCM is one of the key SAP modules, playing an important role in building organised management at enterprises. HCM provides comprehensive yet flexible capabilities to meet the needs of your HR department. In automating many tasks, this solution reduces manual work and increases productivity. SAP HCM comprises many sub-modules that are integrated with each other and help to: recruit talent, identify and develop employee skills, align employee goals with company goals, and measure and reward employee performance.

Key functions:

  • HR process optimisation and digitalisation
  • Search, attract, and motivate staff
  • Staff training and development in line with organisation goals
  • Accounting process optimisation for HR management
Organizational Management

Organisational Management can be used to visualise the entire structure of a business, including its organisational units. This submodule also supports the analysis of business processes and HR analysis for staff planning.

Personnel Administration

This submodule combines the functionality of human capital management, from hiring an employee to evaluating their performance to determining remuneration and benefits.


E-Recruitment automates the entire recruitment process. Numerous functions, including recruitment interview scheduling or application deadlines, can be automated and accurately tracked.

Time Management

The sub-module helps in planning, recording, and evaluating employee performance over a pre-determined period of time. Attendance management, payroll, log-in and log-out reports are also covered by this sub-module’s Time Management functionality.


Payroll is responsible for the entire payroll process, including determining salary scale, and calculating additional payments and compensations provided to employees.

Employee Self-Service та Management Self-Service

Employee Self-Service and Management Self-Service significantly relieve operational pressure on the HR department by digitising workflows. Employee Self-Service enables employees to individually track and correct various data concerning performance in an organization while Management Self-Service enables managers to create and maintain employee data.


The Reporting sub-module enables HR departments to generate and provide information about company employees.

SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now is a solution for users to develop, manage, and deliver training materials. This tool provides online access to training materials, round-the-clock online support, and step-by-step online instructions throughout the learning process. SAP Enable Now therefore provides a comprehensive employee development solution designed to improve the skills of employees.

Key benefits:

  • Built-in training materials: SAP Enable Now has tutorials to engage and simplify the work of new users in the system.
  • Contextual help: built-in help for users to better understand the content of each element on the screen. For example, you can customise pop-up tips near certain buttons that provide a brief explanation.
  • System tours: SAP Enable Now provides step-by-step support for learners. Application and process tours help end users to learn quickly. The basic idea of a system tour is that a guide is provided at every step of the process, along with contextual information on what the user should do when moving from one step or stage to another until the entire process is completed.

Core customer requests covered by SAP Enable Now:

  • Training delivered 24/7 from any location via a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones
  • Various built-in learning formats
  • Support for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments
  • Automatic translation of training content into more than 40 languages

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is an online platform designed for corporate training. SAP Litmos automates and covers the entire learning process: from creating course content and assigning training to an employee, to tracking results and generating reports, automating both internal and external training programs. SAP Litmos provides instant access to training content and training opportunities for both company employees and external users (e.g. partners and contractors). Training can be conducted 24/7 from any location and using a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones, improving employee efficiency and engagement.

SAP Litmos features:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy to monitor and evaluate training programmes, progress tracking for employees in training
  • Built-in capability to develop and prepare educational materials
  • Built-in reporting tools

Core customer requests covered by SAP Litmos:

  • Create and conduct assessments / quizzes
  • Built-in content generation tools that support multiple formats
  • Gamification
  • Create and conduct surveys
  • Generate real-time reporting
  • Download / generate and provide certificates after successful completion of training


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