Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology and a set of automated software tools for analysing and visualising primary data. This technology transforms large amounts of information available to a company into a useful and easy-to-understand format. Business Intelligence is designed to help executives, managers, and decision makers, as they need to rely on up-to-date data about their organisation's activities.

KPMG Ukraine's SAP and IT advisory practice experts can provide your company with help implementing SAP Analytics Cloud and Microsoft Power BI systems.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a cloud-based solution that includes BI, predictive analytics, and planning.

SAC can collect data from a variety of sources (with unique integration supported features for SAP systems) and model that data for further use in the analysis and planning processes.

SAC planning offers a wide range of tools for organising collaborative planning: versioning of plans, support for various types of data access, what-if analysis, forecasting, distribution of amounts by rules, etc.

SAC also has built-in data mining tools that enable your company to find meaningful insights in one click.

Predictive analytics in SAC empowers you to build powerful mathematical models based on historical data. This could be in the form of classification models (in order to determine the probability of data belonging to certain classes), regression models (to find relationships), or time series forecasting.

Client business requests:

  • Analytical reporting based on existing SAP systems
  • Analytics and planning in one system
  • Building consolidated reporting for different departments (finance, sales, procurement, and HR) in a single system
  • Support for joint planning, building plan-factual analysis, what-if simulation analysis

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a set of software services and applications that work together to transform unrelated data sources into consistent, interactive reports. The Power BI service enables your company to easily connect to data sources, visualise information and make critical insights that can then be shared with colleagues and clients (through different levels of access).

Power BI consists of several elements:

  • Power BI Desktop (classic Windows program): reporting development.
  • Power BI (SaaS cloud service): setting up data updates, publishing reports, setting up accesses, etc.
  • Power BI mobile applications for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Key features

  • Ready-made and pre-configured connectors to data sources
  • Built-in, simple data pre-processing (Power Query / Pivot)
  • Ability to create modern interactive reports and dashboards
  • Operational interaction with data through artificial intelligence tools
  • Support for product development, testing, and operation environments
  • Joint analytics capabilities

Client business requests

  • Creating a single source of reliable data
  • Easily transitioning from Microsoft Excel analytics to Power BI
  • Integration with Microsoft solutions
  • Integration with Microsoft Power Platform (combining the capabilities of Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate to automate workflows)
  • Unlocking the potential to switch to self-service analytics

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