Continuing our KPMG Review Magazine, we have a series of interviews with representatives of businesses from a variety of industries. Hear them share their opinion and vision about what awaits us after Ukraine’s victory. Talking to experts, sole entrepreneurs, public officers, and businessmen, we discuss:

  • What developments we can expect for the Ukrainian and global energy sector?
  • How quickly will the Ukrainian investment market recover?
  • What lessons can the banking industry learn for after war is over?
  • How will infrastructure reconstruction and development take place?
  • What changes will the country’s cybersecurity system undergo?
  • What can we expect for retail after the war?

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Despite the war, we have not postponed our plans to continue reforming the Ukrainian banking system. As before, we believe that the share of the public sector in the banking system should fall to 25%.

Sergiy Nikolaychuk
Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine

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