Internal Control Advisory and SOX 404 Compliance

Internal Control Advisory and SOX 404 Compliance

KPMG Turkey Advisory specialists propose solutions to you by understanding your needs about Internal Audit and SOX.

KPMG provides solutions by understanding your needs about internal audit and SOX.

Amidst today’s complex and ever more challenging business environment, company executives are under increasing pressure to mitigate risks associated with day to day business activities and take necessary precautions. A company’s internal control systems plays a major role in achieving this objective and therefore has become one of the top priority items in the executive agenda.

KPMG's Internal Control Services encompass:

  • Internal control framework assistance: KPMG can assist in the set up, documentation and evaluation of your existing internal control framework against a recognized framework and perform a gap analysis,
  • Internal controls over financial reporting process documentation: SOX 404 requires process documentation of the internal controls over financial reporting. KPMG can assist you in the design and documentation of these controls,
  • Internal control monitoring and testing: by internal control monitoring, KPMG will assess the effectiveness and test the controls that management will certify as effective,
  • Assessing the implementation of a recognized framework of internal controls (COSO),
  • Assessment of key business processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness of key processes with focus on risks and controls,
  • Improvement of the internal control portfolio and performance,
  • Assist with formalization/enhancement of policies and procedures.


KPMG's Internal Control Services can help an organization with the implementation, documentation, evaluation, improvement and maintenance of internal control systems. In each of these services our professionals work closely with clients to establish internal control frameworks and compliance programs, transfer knowledge and provide training to support a successful internal control system.

Value Propositions

  • Use of controls optimization techniques to drive business efficiency and reduce overall process costs and/or the cost of controls,
  • An effective and efficient system of internal control which not only reduces volatility and improves sustainability, but can bring about improvements in business performance,
  • With professional documentation and testing of processes, risks and controls, management can gain valuable knowledge about corporate operations due to the quality and clarity of descriptions and analysis provided,
  • Knowledge sharing from client assignments can provide insights into alternative control sets, their benefits and the potential value available from a challenge to controls.

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