Post-Deal Accounting and Reporting Integration

Post-Deal Accounting and Reporting Integration

KPMG professionals support clients to meet current quality standards in financial processes and for timely financial reporting.

KPMG supports clients to meet current quality standards and complete financial reporting.

When two or more finance functions that have previously compiled their data in different ways for different purposes are brought together, problems arise if the necessary leadership, operating models, technology and technical skills are not well aligned or are no longer present. Finance departments need to provide reliable, fast and meaningful data despite these adverse circumstances.

Financial reporting processes need to be transformed in order to meet the new owner’s reporting requirements. KPMG professionals provide hands-on support that is important to meet tight deadlines and new quality standards. KPMG assists clients in integrating multiple finance functions across the entire transaction lifecycle related to a merger;

  • Post Deal Financial Reporting
  • Carve-out Assistance
  • Finance Integration and Separation
  • SPA Contract Assistance, Completion Accounts, Price Adjustments

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