The Global Strategy Group’s (GSG) proprietary 9 Levers of Value approach focuses on value creation, protection and delivery from innovation to results

A disciplined approach drives results

The Global Strategy Group difference: Getting from ‘Innovation to Results’

Value means different things to different people: reputation, financial performance, shareholder returns, customer satisfaction and loyalty, social good, balancing budgets, stability and agility, to name a few. Situations also define value: growth, operating efficiency, transformation, digital interventions and deals, for example.

The 9 Levers of Value represent the key elements of an organization’s financial, business and operating model that CEOs and executives can pull on when designing and implementing strategy. The framework and approach can be applied at the corporate strategy level or within the portfolio at the business unit level. It works for international and national organizations, large and small, private, public and not-for-profit.

We have used the 9 Levers of Value for more than two decades with clients to help them create, protect and deliver value. This framework is designed to focus attention on the intended and unintended strategic, financial and operational consequences of choices and the dynamics between all the aspects of a business.

With this way of thinking, we bring a powerful and pragmatic strategy framework that provides increased visibility and control through planning and execution.