Forensic and Investigation Services

Forensic and Investigation Services

KPMG Forensic specialists have experimented on enforcement of laws,legal, accounting and regulatory authorities.

KPMG have experimented on law enforcement, accounting and regulatory authorities.

Preventing, identifying and making abuse and other financial crimes and adapting it with laws in a more frequently controlled, confrontational business world where highly qualified and organized crimes, brings need for durable systems and controls. Failure of identifying and interfering relevant risks can cause serious financial and moral loss.New developments bring new threats and potential hazards  as well as new opportunities. For example:

  • Using highly developed techniques in abuse, organized crime and terrorist incidents,  complexifying laws and regulations (Some of them outside of the country)
  • Risks associated with technology
  • Complex cross-border conflicts
  • Emerging market risks
  • Dependency on unfamiliar business partners, complexitying supply and distribution channels
  • Stealing and abusing property rights

KPMG Forensic

Has a strong global network which assist to reducing risk of effectiveness,  trading loss and increase the value to be gained from existing contracts with 3,000 experienced employees who using accounting, inquiry, information technology, economy and rich industry funds in line with global methodologies. Our Forensic team consist of professionals with experience in various fields such as the application of laws as well as knowledge on the different sectors in Turkey, law accounting and regulatory agencies. These people have experience in various areas such as enforcement of laws, law, accounting and regulatory agencies.

Your possible needs: 

  • Independent assessment of systems and controls, efficiency and competence
  • Investigation of actual or suspected fraud, market fraud or other financial crimes.
  • Gathering evidence, evidence review, organizing legal, civil or criminal proceedings reports
  • Investigation of suspects and witnesses
  • Analysis of system databases, assessment of evidence, determination of financial losses or information gathering
  • Making a report considering unique aspects of legislative alignment

How Can We Help You As KPMG?

  • Investigation and Reviews
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Ethics Hotline Management
  • Ethics Code Consulting
  • Regulatory Compliance, Prevention of Money Laundering, FATCA, Bribery and Corruption Prevention Services
  • Forensic Computing Services
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Dispute Resolution Consulting
  • Large Projects Consulting
  • London Gold Exchange Compliance Services
  • Climate Change and Sustainability Services
  • Contract Compliance Services
  • Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring


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