The current economic situation is challenging for businesses, but it also offers new opportunities. If you want to fulfill your growth ambitions through acqusitions of other companies or sell your business at the best possible price, choose our experienced KPMG experts as your trusted advisors.

We have the largest and most experienced M&A team in Slovakia. Our M&A professionals have extensive knowledge of the local and international market. We have participated in the largest Slovak M&A transactions.

With us, you will find all services associated with the transaction process in one place. In addition to financial advisory, we also offer tax and legal solutions. Our services cover all areas of mergers and acquisitions, from selling or buying a business through financing, due diligence to financial modeling and valuation.


Why to choose KPMG?

We will guide you through all phases of the transaction, from opportunity identification to implementation. We will help you minimize risks and maximize value for your business. 

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