Proffesionals from KPMG are able to deliver tailor made solutions and answers to all questions regarding valuation of enterprises and real estate, as well as financial modelling.

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Transaction valuation and Fairness Opinion

When it comes to transactions, it is important to act promptly and analyze, whether the deal creates value. Our team can prepare valuation both on the buyer's and seller's side, as well as analysis of strategic choices that impact the overall valuation, analysis of synergies in the context of valuation, sensitivity analysis or valuation based on specific scenarios. Our international network can provide experts from various fields, who will guide you throughout the whole process.

Purchase Price Allocations (PPA)

After a successful transaction comes often the time to allocate the purchase price into consolidated financial statements. This process requires critical skills and deep expertise in valuation. Our experts can help with:

  • Assessment and advice on the impact of transaction on the financial statements before closing of the deal (Pre-deal PPA) 
  • identification of intangible assets
  • valuation of newly identified intangible assets (brand, know-how and etc.)
  • valuation of other assets and liabilities for purposes of PPA and
  • support your company during the discussion with auditors

Impairment tests

Like PPA, impairment testing is equally complex subject which requires critical skills, knowledge of relevant standards and specific data. KPMG team can prepare for you complex impairment tests, support you during discussion with auditors, provide specific inputs for impairment testing (WACC and etc.), as well as prepare financial models or automated valuation models for this type of testing.

Valuation of intangible assets

A major subject during valuation of intangible assets is the analysis of appropriate methods of valuation and specific inputs. Our valuation experts can prepare valuation for intangible assets of all types (customer relations, brands, patents, technology, know-how and etc.)

Valuation of enterprises or strategic divisons for portfolio value control

Fast paced change on the markets creates high requirements for control of enterprises and trade units. The aim of shareholders and management groups is to increase the value in long term. KPMG team can design and implement specific methods and control systems for your company, which will help you during strategic decisions about portfolio in regard to long term value monitoring.

Preparation of complex financial models

Financial models require extensive know-how, technical skills and independence to ensure that no conflict of interests arises. According to the client's demands, our team can prepare a tailor made financial model for strategic planning, investment planning, PPP projects, feasibility studies and etc.

Technical analysis and audit of complex financial models

Because of the complex nature of financial modeling, it is not uncommon to encounter technical or logical errors. Our team of experts will examine your financial model with the use of a specialised review software, which is able to detect errors that can have a material impact on the accuracy of your model.

Expert opinion (Statutory valuation acc to Slovak legislation)

Essentials of contractual valuations, enterprise deals and accounting often require a preparation of expert's opinion. On the basis of thorough knowledge in the subject of valuations, out team can manage for you the preparation of an expert opinion according to the Slovak legislation.