KPMG v številkah

KPMG v številkah

Širši vpogled v velikost, obseg, vpliv in širino naše organizacije.

Širši vpogled v velikost, obseg, vpliv in širino naše organizacije.

kicc by the numbers

KPMG International announced annual globally aggregated revenues for KPMG firms of US$36 billion for the fiscal year ending 30 September 2023 (FY23) an increase of 8% in local currency, equivalent to a 5% increase in US$, over the previous year.

Shared with media outlets, on and in our global social channels, the results reflect robust year-on-year growth despite a challenging economic backdrop reflecting our strong client relationships and the hard work of our people worldwide.

But what are some of the other highlights from FY23?

Our three core functions all achieved strong growth

Audit +9% (US$12.6 billion), Advisory +7% (US$15.9 billion) and Tax & Legal +10% (US$7.9 billion) saw notable increases in revenue in FY23.

Audit’s increase was driven by a strong focus on audit quality, as well as significant investments in talent and technology. Advisory also benefitted from investments in technology, in addition to our market-leading alliances. Tax & Legal services growth was driven by tax transformation, Legal Services, Global Mobility Transformation and evolving ESG client needs.

Our Regions each saw revenue growth, too

The three geographic regions of KPMG each recorded increased revenue in local currency, with Americas +8% (US$14.6 billion), +4% Asia Pacific (US$6.1 billion) and EMA +11% (US$15.7 billion) on their FY22 results.

Multi-disciplinary model makes the difference

The figures reflect robust year-on-year growth, bolstered by a multi-disciplinary approach that combines leading expertise and integrated capabilities.

Bill Thomas, Global Chairman and CEO, KPMG International said: “As the world faces economic and geopolitical uncertainty and increasing complexity, KPMG has remained focused on harnessing the full breadth of our multi-disciplinary model, which has enabled KPMG firms to deliver sustainable growth across all areas of the business.”