AI is set to shape our future and drive technological transformation forward, and with its current developing pace, AI will drastically redefine the way businesses and customers interact.

We are here to help businesses seize the opportunities in artificial intelligence. The key lies in creating a holistic approach that ensures both profit realization and safe use of AI.

KPMG’s AI offering has three interconnected solutions

By working with KPMG, organizations can overcome siloed thinking and develop a comprehensive strategy that rapidly enables AI development, unlocks growth potential, and empowers their workforce with Generative AI.

Accelerate the value of generative AI within your organization – responsibly and confidently.


    We guide clients through a tailored, structured journey from ideation to proof of concept, with a constant focus on business objectives, organizational alignment, your people and customers.


    We help clients manage AI risk with frameworks and tools that ensure secure, legal and ethical AI use, with appropriate governance for ongoing monitoring, while promoting trust.

    Data Governance

    We empower clients to unlock the full potential of AI by streamlining and modernizing their data systems, models and algorithms, overcoming challenges such as disparate data, integration and inefficient workflows.

Generative AI by sector

Financial services

Many financial services companies face significant obstacles such as regulation, legacy IT systems, siloed data sets, and limited cloud deployment. Using a responsible and ethical approach to generative AI, these complex obstacles can be overcome and help deliver value to the company.

Opportunities for Financial Services:

  • Improve customer facing processes such as help desks
  • Analyzing data to identify and prevent fraudulent behavior
  • Automation of labor-intensive compliance tasks
  • Simulation of risk scenarios and investment strategies


Generative AI will supercharge competition in the Automotive sector and significantly impact the manufacturing process. As the automotive industry evolves into a more software and data-centric sector, generative AI emerges as a powerful solution to several operational processes:

  • Generative AI can enhance efficiency and productivity, bolster quality assurance, and streamline inventory management.
  • It has the potential to revolutionize predictive maintenance and offer customization to cater to individual customer preferences.

Consumer products

Generative AI has the ability to drive better business outcomes on a broad front, including commercial effectiveness, operational efficiency, and cost optimization. This fast growing technology can further help companies optimize pricing, serve better-targeted ad content, generate more engaging product descriptions, and enable a faster, more customized user experience.

Opportunities for Consumer products:

  • Increase (internal and externa) customer satisfaction
  • Improve individual productivity
  • Increase automation
  • Reduction of process costs 

Industrial products

Generative AI serves as a robust solution in the intricate landscape of the industrial sector by amplifying operational efficiency and automate otherwise manual tasks. The capabilities inherent in generative AI hold promise for revolutionizing inventory management and accelerate prototyping and design processes.

How AI drive improvements in operations:

  • Optimize production schedules and identify inefficiencies.
  • Price forecasting of raw material
  • Inventory management
  • Generative design components

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