Our Direct Tax team helps clients to ensure that they fulfil all tax obligations on time, and provide advice on what they must do to ensure compliance.

Corporate Income Tax (“CIT”)

1. Tax registration

All entities carrying out activities in Qatar are required to register with the Qatar Tax Department (“QTD”) and accordingly obtain a tax card. Failure to register could affect businesses significantly, as the tax card is a pre-requisite for different business processes (such as working with government entities, to receiving full invoice amount without deduction of withholding tax etc.)

KPMG can assist you in obtaining and renewing the tax card to ensure your smooth business operations.

2. Corporate Tax Compliance and Reporting

Taxpayers are obliged to file tax return and pay corporate income tax within 4 months of the financial year-end. Compliance with tax filing and payment obligation is of paramount importance as penalties could be severe. KPMG assists clients to comply with their tax filing obligations as it services include the following:

  • Preparation of tax return and tax filing
  • Advising on annual tax payment
  • Back filing where tax returns are late or have not been filed in the earlier years

3. Tax assessments and Non-objection Certificate (“NOC”)

In Qatar, obtaining tax assessments and NOC from the QTD is generally required for:

  • Share transfers
  • De-registration of a Branch
  • Liquidation of a Company
  • Release of retention amounts
  • Tax certainty

Our tax team has considerable experience in obtaining the tax assessments and NOC from the QTD. We also have strong relationships at various levels at the QTD and can guide you through the process as well as assist by facilitating dialog with relevant authorities.

Further, KPMG can also assist you for filing objections and appeals before the Tax Appeal Committee when the QTD has imposed additional tax and penalties, as part of the assessment.

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