As governments across the world commence the procurement of a vaccine, there is an urgent need to elevate resilience of existing systems and their ability to effectively manage the scale and speed of successfully delivering the vaccine doses. Administering a vaccine with unique and complex requirements made  the development of an integrated approach for vaccine delivery a key policy priority for governments worldwide. KPMG firms have been working with their government advisory, data analytics, supply chain, healthcare and life sciences teams, along with key industry players, to envision potential solutions to support this critical program across the world.

KPMG’s integrated approach to vaccine distribution

Managing a vaccine program with multiple stakeholders delivering the vaccine to an entire population is complex and resource-intensive, and requires significant coordination. Program management through a 'command center' ensures effective program execution, timely issue management and progress reporting.

COVID-19 vaccine delivery is the largest vaccination drive for most countries and territories. Logistics, including cold supply chain are critical to the success of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Getting vaccines to providers/vaccinators requires significant planning, effort, and communication to help ensure that supply meets demand, wastage through mishandling is minimized, and that the security and integrity of the shipments is maintained. It is essential that the beneficiaries are aware of the date, time and venue for vaccination and show up for the same.

Helping to mitigate the adverse events following immunization (AEFI) and helping to ensure continued public support for the COVID-19 vaccination will require adequate post-vaccination support.

The coordination and monitoring of the vaccination drive would be a multi-level mechanism involving multiple stakeholders.

Public intake and compliance with the second dose is critical to a successful vaccine program. A portion of the public remains skeptical given the extremely rapid development and approvals of vaccines and the massive impact of COVID-induced behavioral changes. Transparency leads to trust, and trust leads to uptake.