Exceptional and temporary measures regarding postal formalities and notifications

Postal formalities and notifications

Law No. 10/2020 of 18 April (amended by Rectification Statement No. 17/2020)


Given the current epidemiological situation, it was published Law No.10/2020 of 18 April (amended by Rectification Statement No. 17/2020), which sets out an exceptional and temporary regime regarding postal formalities and notifications and the sending of postal parcels. 

This Law suspends the need to collect a signature in the delivery of registered mail and postal parcels until the resolution of the current exceptional pandemic situation.  

According to the same Law, the collection of the signature is replaced by the receptor’s verbal identification and collection of the number included in a reliable means of identification (such as, the ID card).

The regime sets out that if the receptor refuses to be verbally identified and refuses to provide the personal information referred above, an act certifying the occurrence will be drawn up and the receptor will be considered as cited/notified, as the case may be. 

According to this regime, the citations and notifications that occur via postal service attested by an acknowledgement receipt are considered to have occurred on the date when the identification number of the recipient was collected by the postal distributor. 

This exceptional regime applies, with the necessary adjustments, to citations and notifications made by in person.

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