COP22: the 22nd UN Climate Conference

COP22: the 22nd UN Climate Conference

COP22 follows the historic 2015 conference in Paris (COP21) where almost 200 countries committed to reduce their own carbon emissions in order to halt global warming and create a carbon-neutral world.

At COP22, negotiators will focus on how to deliver these commitments and strengthen the world’s response to climate change.

This web page provides information for KPMG member firm clients and others on what the Paris Agreement is, what COP22 is about, what is expected to happen at COP22 and why it matters to businesses.

You can access our Boardroom Questions on the Paris Agreement and our COP22 Business Briefing at the bottom of this page.

KPMG is proud to support COP22 by collaborating with the UN. Together we are presenting UN Climate Talks LIVE: a window into the global social media conversation on COP22.

See below for a sample of UN Climate Talks LIVE analysis and a link to the site.

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