Six habits of Technology Business Management (TBM) success

Six habits of TBM success

TBM combines the right people, process and technology to enhance the management of IT.

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Our analysis shows one of the most effective ways of achieving TBM success depends on where an IT organization is on its TBM journey. For companies just starting their TBM journey, the six things that can rapidly improve TBM proficiency are:

  1. Start defining and publishing a list of technology infrastructure services.
  2. Focus on your data to support transparency. You don’t need perfect data but build the process for improving data quality.
  3. Move away from spreadsheets and use a bespoke tool to sustainably manage IT finance and reporting.
  4. Acquire the skills to articulate IT value in a language that is understood by the business.
  5. Ensure that regular reviews are performed across IT portfolios – technology, applications and vendors.
  6. Make the CIO responsible for achieving TBM outcomes.

For organizations further along their TBM journey and seen as TBM leaders, the following activities are the extension keys to effectively achieving TBM proficiency:

  • Collect and maintain all technology costs, service consumption information, and resource utilization information. (Clearly, having a dedicated TBM tool is a prerequisite here).
  • Hone the ability to articulate the value of IT in terms that appeal to business partners.
  • Maintain a tight connection between technology and business goals, especially as the latter evolve due to market forces.
  • Make it very clear to your business partners the complete set of services they can tap into.

To learn more about TBM and our key findings read the Six habits of TBM success report (PDF 1.3 MB) and the Global Services TBM brochure (PDF 570 KB).

The Survey is always open: we are continually gathering new responses and can provide tailored proficiency assessment reporting. If you haven’t already done so, you can take the survey by using this link.

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