Whether you’re a global organization seeking to enter into the Pakistan market or a local business expanding your reach to new markets, we understand the challenges you face.

We work with clients to deliver value and efficiency for their business, including:

  • Establishing and maintaining tax efficient cross-border operations, keeping costs down to maintain strategic advantage.
  • Ensuring compliance with local tax laws and regulations associated with cross-border trade.
  • Customizing trade processes and controls for a business unit, company, or industry for tax efficiency.
  • Mitigating tax risk issues related to conducting cross-border business.

We support with:

  • Logistics planning for potential savings in tax and other costs relating to customs and excise duties and indirect taxes.
  • Valuation planning to highlight duty saving opportunities by looking at transfer pricing strategies.
  • Advising on how they can take advantage of simplified customs procedures and different regimes of customs as applicable under concessionary customs notifications, warehousing schemes, temporary import schemes, duty and tax remission for exports, etc.
  • Identification of Harmonized System Codes of the imported goods and advising on applicable rates of customs duty and other import related levies.
  • Advising on industry specific tax issues in view of Import and Export Policies and Trade Policy of Government of Pakistan.
  • Assisting clients in lodging claims of duty drawbacks.
  • Advising on trade and duty concessions under Preferential / Free Trade Agreements with specified countries.