Whereas our other expertise areas focus on specific business issues, our enterprise-wide strategy covers transformation in a broader sense. We refer to enterprise-wide strategy when member firm clients need a fundamental review of, or change in, where they play and how they win.

Organizations may require assistance with their enterprise-wide strategy for a number of reasons.

  • Different stakeholder interests are not aligned or do not provide for a clear direction.
  • There is a misaligned financial ambition, or a lack of a clear financial ambition around which to develop and implement a common strategy. 
  • Disruptive external forces are impacting both business and operating models.
  • The company is running at less than the sum of its parts, due to unrealized synergies or significant inefficiencies.
  • The company seeks to create a long-term plan for success.

Enterprise-wide strategy aligns the organization’s financial ambition, business model and operating model to maximize portfolio value and assist with the planning and implementation processes. Our 9 Levers of Value framework is at the heart of our approach. KPMG professionals methodically map the journey from where you need to be, back to where you are today – and what needs to happen for that journey to be realized.

Our approach therefore provides the overarching framework into which multi-year strategic planning, capital allocation model builds, strategic reviews, portfolio and synergy assessments, scenario planning, and other enterprise-wide services sit.