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The KPMG work culture is deep seated in our values. It fosters an environment for easy sharing of ideas and encourages equal opportunity for learning and growth. It extends beyond the workplace, defining our member firm professional’s interaction with our communities, policy makers, shareholders and above all, clients.

What do we mean by open and friendly? 

Well, it's about being open-minded in exploring and sharing new ideas, and in understanding that people develop their careers at their own pace and according to their own priorities. 

It's about being open to the world around us - we don't expect our people's daily lives to start and finish within the four walls of the KPMG office. Indeed, we encourage our people to get out and to get involved. We believe that successful careers come from balancing our peoples work time with active involvement in a range of social and community activities.  

It's about open, honest and friendly communication, both with our colleagues and our clients.