As Board members or senior company executives you will be acutely aware of the push for greater transparency in the way commercial organisations manage their tax affairs and report to their shareholders and wider stakeholders on tax matters. Globally, with particular visibility in Europe, taxation is increasingly becoming one of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations that investors undergo when assessing whether to invest, hold or divest their holdings in corporations. While New Zealand is behind Europe, Australia and other parts of the world in this regard, the tide is turning rapidly and Tax Governance is becoming increasingly important for any organisation wishing to have a sustainable business in New Zealand where a social licence to operate is a pre-requisite.

KPMG Tax Governance Institute webcast

With this background we invite you to view our KPMG Tax Governance Institute webcast in which a panel - comprised of the Global Head of Tax at Uber as well as senior KPMG Tax leaders from the United States and Europe - engage in a thought-provoking discussion on this developing topic, specifically covering:

  • How tax is a key component of and interacts with a company's ESG programme;
  • Development of principles and control frameworks for guiding tax behaviour within your organisation; and
  • How (and whether) to communicate tax policies and principles externally.

Click here to access the webcast.

You will be asked to register your name and email details at which time the webcast should begin. It runs for approximately 90 minutes.

This webcast should qualify for 1.5 CPD hours.

Should you wish to discuss Tax Governance in your organisation in a New Zealand context, please do not hesitate to reach out to Darshana Elwela or your KPMG New Zealand contact.

KPMG Tax Barometer

Our Tax Barometer tool enables us to effectively and efficiently work with your organisation to ensure tax is at the forefront of considerations where appropriate and that decisions taken around tax are always in accordance with your Board expectations. Click here to learn more about how this tool can assist you to ensure Tax Governance is first class in your organisation.