Water is the essence of life and supports all people, plants and wildlife. The infrastructure that manages our drinking, waste and storm water is both vitally important and complicated.  

New Zealand’s water infrastructure is facing challenges, with ageing infrastructure, historic underinvestment and unprecedented growth in many areas. This leads to increasing maintenance and upgrade requirements, as well as pressures to expand networks and treatment capacity. Water providers and local governments have the complex task of ensuring the provision of good quality drinking water and environmentally sound waste and storm water management for all New Zealanders, alongside balancing funding requirements and safeguarding infrastructure for future generations. 

Our team has a breadth experience in supporting major infrastructure and transformation projects, while placing communities and end beneficiaries at the heart of solutions. We also benefit from a global network of professionals who provide insights on water projects from across the world - from cementing water access as a basic human right, to optimising the customer experience, to leveraging data for better water systems.

Explore our insights and global network experience below or get in touch with our team for more information.

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