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KPMG and Impero are bringing easy-to-use compliance solutions to clients across Norway.

KPMG Norway becomes the 9th member firm within the KPMG network to partner with Impero for the implementation of compliance frameworks. Starting immediately, the combination of KPMG’s compliance expertise and Impero’s technical solutions will enable clients to easily implement processes specific to Norway and their business needs than ever before.

Compliance Control Framework

The majority of in Norway companies have a varied functionality to perform and monitor compliance tasks. This often depends on individual employees with deep knowledge of the company and its’ processes, are often manual and flexibility is limited.

Technology to support your Control Framework

Technology can become the key component linking your employees’ skills to the required tasks. Various solutions available on the market can assist in providing a centralized compliance tool including data collection, workflow collaboration, data management, analytics and documentation management. Furthermore, they provide features such as central strategic overviews of risks with illustrations of effects of mitigating activities. Additionally, they offer automations to ensure that delegated controls are easily performed, documented, and reported.

What is Impero?

Impero is a light-weight, user focused tool to empower companies to deliver what they promise: To become and stay compliant.

Impero is known for their easy-to-use solution that can help you to improve accuracy and create confidence in your compliance, with control and risk management, documentation and reporting in a scalable platform. With customized set-up, Impero can be adapted across your business to enable you to reach your compliance goals.

By digitizing your finance and tax compliance management, you can engage your entire organization to create a culture of trust and transparency.

Building on KPMG’s strong domain knowledge and Impero’s easy-to-use software, this partnership will work together to help even more Norwegian companies simplify their compliance processes and efficiently manage risk and controls through automation to ensure compliance.

How can KPMG support?

KPMG can support on all aspects in your journey to transform and set up a solution that supports your control framework. We conduct maturity assessment, benchmark, have leading practices of processes and controls, and we will make sure you consider all aspects in a digital transformation to ensure a successful implementation, including people, service, technology and governance.

By using KPMG’s industry know-how and readily available leading practices, our clients can customize and adjust these according to their entities needs. This means accelerated transformation, reduced uncertainty and risk, and improved change management and employee experience.

KPMG alliance with Impero

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