Good customer service requires more than breaking through front-office silos. Successfully responding to rapidly changing customer needs requires an organisation-wide transformation of the marketing, sales, customer service and CX processes and the associated technology. After all, how integrated are these departments in how they work? Have the silos already been broken? Are they working on the same, integrated CRM platform? Is there an integrated customer view that forms the basis of customer service for each of the individual departments? More than ever, front-office functions need to be connected and aligned. In addition to the right mindset, this requires the right operating model, in which technology, processes, people and data, among others, are connected from a central customer-focused view. And in which it is clear to employees how everyone's role contributes to realising a positive customer experience.

Transforming your front-office

Together, we can identify where we can make gains within your organisation. We can digitise various front-office functions, optimise them and align them with ever-changing customer needs and market dynamics. In doing so, we can support you from strategy and (digital) organisation design to implementation and change management. At the same time, we can map out your ambition and customer and organisational needs, which we then use as a starting point for designing the front-office functions and supporting (digital) channels. From a 'Customer 360 view' to personalised customer contacts, and from technological solutions for more comprehensive customer and lead profiles and real-time customer data across all your channels, to improving your customer interactions.

For front-office transformations, we use our KPMG Powered Enterprise methodology. Based on leading, innovative real-world examples, 'Powered' consists of a 'plug-and-play' approach to transforming your front office, translated to key technology platforms. For instance, we have already configured the operating models for systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. In doing so, we set up marketing, sales, customer service and CX functions to be not only future-proof, but at the same time with a strong focus on a sound business case.

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