KPMG's annual Customer Experience (CX) Excellence survey shows that over the past 13 years, companies have made progress in how consumers in the Netherlands perceive brands. At the same time, we see the gap between companies in their CX scores narrowing and the biggest growth in CX improvements across the board, and thus a strong overall appreciation of customer experience, seems to have ended. This makes it increasingly important for organisations to differentiate themselves from the competition. Not only by removing friction points in customer journeys, but also by consistently creating personalised, human, brand-specific and differentiated customer experiences.

A distinctive customer experience

Among other things, we can help develop your customer service strategy and/or distinctive customer experience (CX) offering. Together, we can define a brand-consistent interpretation of your strategy, logically derived from your company's brand essence, customer vision and strategic focus. As the customer (operations) strategy stems from the brand strategy, every interaction not only meets the customer's functional needs but also helps build a stronger and more distinctive brand. Thus, positive, unique customer experiences can increase economic value.

Using our data-driven approach, we analyse outside-in and inside-out data to identify improvements in your customer service strategy and customer experience. In addition, we can support you in developing an optimal operating model design and the required skills to implement it, with your customers always being the starting point.

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