The brand is one of the most important 'intangible' assets of an organisation. It is the lens through which the organisation looks at the world, but conversely also the prism through which customers look at the organisation. It determines expectations, preferences and loyalty. Therefore, a strong brand is essential for any organisation, extending far beyond a familiar name and logo. But how do you define a 'strong' brand? What associations do customers have with the different brands within your organisation? How do you determine which brands (still) fit within your portfolio? How do you measure them? And how do you substantiate the positive associations in your product/service portfolio and customer service?

Improving your brand performance

With advanced brand research based on relevant data analysis, we assess your brand performance and the associations customers have with your brand(s). Based on these insights, we can define a new brand or rationalise your existing brand portfolio. Together, we can flesh out the positioning of your brand(s), the architecture, the design of the proposition portfolio and the translation of this positioning into all decisive front-office activities. We also provide support in bringing the brand to life, both internally and externally. In addition, we can measure brand valuation (including return on investment) to identify synergies and growth opportunities.

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