Many companies are faced with changes in their environments. Changes that call for a different way of working. This kind of organisational change starts with a vision that enjoys internal support, with different individuals feeling involved and having a say, resulting in significant change in processes and ways of thinking.

This is a process in which numbers and feelings both count, and in which co-creation plays a central role. It results in those involved understanding the change through and through, being committed to the desired end result and having the ability to actively contribute to achieving their vision. In this way, a transition to a future-proof organisation is assured.

Energy to deliver the ambition
Through strategy, organisation and team interventions, U-Collaborate aims to understand the core of the design strategy, organisational or team changes. We do this by looking for familiar and new insights, together. We generate support by using the input of all those involved in the process – so generating energy to deliver the ambition together. Finally, we appeal to people's learning capacity, because the journey always turns out differently than envisaged and as an organisation it is important to adapt accordingly.

Our approach is based on the Theory U model of organisational change, a model that has proven its worth in practice with many companies.

Connecting insights
Our experience shows that transformations demand a lot of the people in an organisation. In our approach, we have found that energy and the capacity to deliver change are generated by utilising the input of all stakeholders. By looking for new insights and connecting them, space is created for innovation – and you continue to learn, improve and change as an organisation.

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