The operational management of businesses is changing fast. Demographic changes, an ageing population, ever louder calls for sustainable change and risks in terms of capacity and quality of the workforce – all these factors are leading firms to increasingly target results, and they call for leadership and talent to simultaneously be agile and work at maximum efficiency

We focus on companies’ human capital. By enabling them to attract, develop, manage, motivate and involve the right people – all with an eye for talent development, focusing on motivation and behaviour and utilising the information and knowledge from HR and other data. The result is a lean and fit organisation that acts as a springboard for organisational change and development.

Devoting specific attention to the people within the organisation ensures that employees not only feel involved and understood, but also are confident and motivated to contribute to the success of the business in their new environment.

A fit-for-purpose HR organisation
KPMG People & Change helps companies create and develop a ‘fit-for-purpose’ HR organisation that is aligned with their business strategy. This means an HR structure, capacities and systems that are linked together in such a way that they offer real added value to the primary process.

With the help of strategic personnel planning, operational planning and HR analytics (Big Data), we offer in-depth and predictive insights into the way in which human capital can be used to optimum effect. Or we go a step further and analyse all your structured and unstructured data using our ‘Workforce Analytics’ methodology, which reveals the added value of HR processes and employees in qualitative and quantitative terms.

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