The global pandemic has reframed how we think about the world of work. It has helped us challenge fundamental assumptions. The definitions of physical office, flexible working, skills and capabilities, and the qualities of leadership needed have now changed. This creates new challenges for your workforce and its learning, and thus for your HR function, as well as new opportunities and possibilities.

But this change has already been happening for a long time. Automation, big data and machine learning are combining to fundamentally re-shape our workforces. The ESG agenda – particularly climate change, and the importance of inclusive workplaces – is also redefining how we think about and organise work. 


Workforce transformation

Now is the time to be thinking critically about how to evolve your workforce for the future. Different working styles, patterns, places all suddenly seem achievable and desirable. KPMG brings hands-on practical and pragmatic experience in workforce design and management.

We can support your workforce transformation by helping your employees reskill for the digital world. Our workforce transformation consultants along with our alliance partners such as Faethm and Concentra, can support you in everything from redefining your purpose, culture, workplace strategy; to making your workforce size, shape and cost fit for the future; to your employee value proposition and your relationship with your workforce. In all of these, we are by your side.


Learning solutions

Learning is fundamental to transforming your workforce. At KPMG, this is something we excel at.

We are masters at implementing large-scale learning managed services and state-of-the-art learning experience platforms, often achieved in collaboration with Microsoft and LinkedIn Learning, one of our key alliance partners. We can also deliver high-quality leadership and technical training to your staff. We are a market leader in the provision of learning services.

HR transformation

Your HR function is the guardian of your culture, your employee experience and ultimately the success of your workforce. Our HR transformation team can help you create the Function your business needs.

Our Powered solution set brings pre-configured Workday, Oracle, Microsoft and ServiceNow platforms to accelerate your journey. Our employee journey mapping and design thinking capability can help you tailor your function from the leader and employee perspective. We can utilise the skills of our global experts to help you manage legal, regulatory and employee tax risk and stay compliant.

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Director HR Transformation and Community Lead