Many companies are operating in a dynamic and complex environment in which they face changes of a diverse nature. We focus on supporting those transitions from start to finish. We understand that a change process never proceeds straightforwardly from A to B but takes in countless side roads and diversions. Changing consciously and with conviction is the key to success.

The utility and necessity of change
KPMG People & Change can help your business in this regard. We do so by firstly understanding the context of the change: what is the history of the company and its environment? What is its current position? And how does it see its future? Linking the answers to these questions together lays bare the utility and necessity of change. A concrete plan can then be drawn up to achieve the change, focusing specifically on action and result.

The next step is to get the organisation on board. We achieve this by offering tools in the form of the change strategy and predictable structures and processes on the one hand, and on the other by working with teams and individual employees to build support, effective behaviour and leadership at all levels of the organisation. By describing the desired result very clearly and continually checking, we shed light on whether the final goal has been achieved and what the interim status is regarding the progress of change.

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