If you have any questions around complex accounting issues, you can discuss them with our specialists. For example:

  • I am looking for someone who can support my Finance team with reporting advice about complex accounting subjects.
  • How can I make sure I implement regulatory changes in my financial records correctly and in timely fashion?
  • I have received a letter from the regulator containing questions about the reporting of a specific transaction in the annual financial statements. How can I obtain advice to support our position?
  • I am not sure that I have reported a specific transaction correctly; can I obtain support for my position?

KPMG will help you find a solution in the context of your reporting objectives and the relevant legislation and regulations. Our specialists are here to provide helpful and accessible support in a range of forms, such as:

  • someone you can call for ad hoc accounting questions;
  • a sparring partner to discuss ideas about your position and alternative options;
  • help drawing up ‘accounting position papers’ in support of your position and incorporating them into the annual financial statements;
  • online or in-person training of individuals and large or small groups of people within your organisation.

For questions, please contact Wilbert Vos.

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Wilbert Vos

Director Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services
KPMG Nederland
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