Financial reporting is becoming more and more challenging due to the increased complexity of the business environment and transactions. Also, non-financial reporting might be a significant topic for your company. Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS) comprises a dedicated team of professionals providing accounting and financial reporting advice on a wide range of transactions and events, including adherence to new or revised accounting standards and assistance during (Capital Market) transactions. Due to our technical knowledge, industry experience and project management skills, we are well equipped to assist you in a variety of projects.

Responding to internal and external accounting issues

Accounting and reporting challenges often arise as a result of organizational change due to non-recurring transactions such as acquisitions, disposals (carve-out), reorganizations, IPOs, refinancing or restructuring. Regulatory changes to the accounting standards may also lead to complexities in accounting and reporting.

KPMG’s CMAAS is a dedicated team of professionals with a proven track record in accounting and reporting. We combine in-depth knowledge of accounting requirements with industry experience and project management skills to manage the reporting change.

Our CMAAS team is committed to helping clients solve their accounting and reporting issues during periods of change by integrating accounting content and processes supported by innovation and technology.

Our commitment to you

  • We deliver insightful and practical advice of the highest standard.

  • We invest time in gaining a thorough understanding of your business to ensure we provide the right answers regarding your compliance needs.

  • Our team's unique skill set guarantees you will receive leading inisght, because we comprise technical knowledge as wel as in-depth knowledge of your industry.

  • Our team consists of experts with practical experience of working with a variety of accounting standards every day, helping us delivering answers that work for you.

  • Regular communication between our team and your organization throughout the project ensures that you will be closely involved in shaping the project outcome and its consequences.

Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services

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