The procurement department of tomorrow will need to evolve from simply purchasing and sourcing, to enabling a seamless digital experience. Procurement will be invisible to customers, decentralised, and agile – capitalising on market dynamics with ease and leveraging a marketplace model to better connect with suppliers. The C-suite executive is continuously looking to drive more value and deliver efficiency and innovation. ‘The Future of Procurement’ will help you engage in meaningful and thought-provoking discussions with your clients and prospects around the evolution of procurement and its future role in allowing companies to thrive in a highly disruptive environment. With ongoing technological and market changes, talking about the future is more alluring than ever. KPMG has developed guidance on how to navigate the challenges of emerging technology, new business models, and increased customer expectations. To remain relevant to the rest of the organisation as a procurement department, delivering greater strategic added value is essential. Based on a global survey designed to take a barometer reading of the procurement landscape, KPMG has created a vision for future-proofing the procurement department. This vision is described in ‘The Future of Procurement’. 

This report provides insight into the extent to which procurement departments are evolving on the above seven themes. More than 50 Dutch companies, active within the private and public sector, participated in our ‘procurement barometer’ survey (in collaboration with Motivation). The results provide a view on how Dutch companies and organisations are evolving on the themes described in ‘The Future of Procurement’. In addition, the levels of employee satisfaction and future-proofing of the procurement department were surveyed with the intention of raising awareness of the developments needed in the procurement department.


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